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Play Nice, OS X

installing Octopress on OS X Lion, oy vey

My initial attempt to get ruby 1.9.3 on OS X Lion ended in frustration. I followed the Octopress install instructions and attempted to install rbenv. This lead to a series of errors that had me installing an old version of gcc, clang, etc. I’m not a sysadmin, so I eventually just gave it up as a lost cause.

So, I moved on to installing octopress on my Windows 7 laptop – done – and a virtualbox guest Ubuntu using rvm – done.

Then, I discovered JewelryBox and decided to give the OS X install another shot.

OS X Mountain Lion Install Log

You can just skip this part if sysadmin details make you go cross-eyed.

  • first attempt – install ruby-1.9.3-p125 failed because of readline
  • second attempt – after installing homebrew, I ran brew install readline. It barfed because I didn’t have Xcode 4.4.1.
    • Cleaned up harddrive because I didn’t have enough space to upgrade XCode
    • Opened the Mac Appstore and attempted to upgrade XCode
    • ran brew doctor and followed recommendations to remove macports/fink, old library files, and upgrade my compiler
    • after lots of wasted time, I was able to install readline. Now, to try installing ruby again…
  • third attempt – failed again trying to install readline
$ rvm pkg install readline
$ rvm reinstall 1.9.3-p125 --with-readline-dir=$rvm_path/usr

Lessons Learned

  • ruby is for hackers
  • Apple makes doing non-Apple things hard
  • stackoverflow is an amazing asset for a developer